Roomba S9 VS 980 – What Are The Differences?

When talking about consumer robot cleaners, iRobot is one of the most preferred brands out there. It has been producing the domestic help robots for a very long time. Roomba S9 and Roomba 980 are the top premium robot vacuum cleaners designed using the best technology. However, it always comes down to the basic comparison between the two premium vacuums. Roomba S9 Vs 980 is the most common topic of discussion.  If one takes look at the navigation technology, design, cleaning technology and more of the features, one always compares the two models to identify their similarities and differences.  This helps one decide which out of the two models is better for them and would meet their needs.

Roomba S9 vs 980

The Roomba S9 is the first and only robot vacuum that doesn’t have a classic circular shape. The S9 has a D shaped body.  Whereas, Roomba 980 has a classic circular shape and a dark and simple finish.  The Roomba S9 has a copper finish that gives it a classy and elegant touch.

Cleaning technology

Since the Roomba S9 is a newer technology, it has more advanced and equipped features when it comes to cleaning than the Roomba 980 model.  Its cleaning and control system is more innovative and faster to run. This has several benefits that improve cleaning performance. The main brush is wider and fits in the corners better which increases the efficiency of the cleaning system.  It has one of the best cleaning motors installed in the machine in the market. However, even the 980 model has proven to do a decent job at cleaning carpets, hardwood and floors.

Navigation and control

The Roomba S9 and 980 use the same smart mapping and navigation technologies. However, the version of S9 is a little more advanced.  Both models use a camera house in the robot vacuum to take pictures of the house and build a map for the cleaner.  This will help in overcoming the obstacles during the cleaning such as furniture, and more. It calculates the most efficient cleaning paths and steps to take. This is a very significant feature in targeting the messy and dirty spots of the house.

Dirt disposal

The new Roomba S9 comes with an automatic dirt disposal system where the machine itself disposes the waste and helps in reducing the burden disposing of the waste.  This feature is not available in the Roomba 980 model. Though, automatic dirt disposal is not a necessity but a premium feature.

The Roomba S9 has more advanced features and technology, but Roomba 980 is also a powerhouse of a robot vacuum as it provides solid cleaning at a much cheaper price when compared to the latest S9 model.

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