Interesting Promotional Items That Spell Usefulness And Staying Power

Everyone is looking for ways to make optimistic changes as New Year 2020 kicks off like more workouts, eat healthily, drink lots of water and create less waste. These days the biggest concern is about reducing waste. Everyone is avoiding disposable products and bottled water. Creating customized water bottles, promo tumblers, or mugs for your marketing campaign is a wise and progressive strategy for your brand.

A part of the marketing budget is allocated for trade shows but it is not sufficient. The marketing team feels constrained when there is a need to choose promotional products. Buying cheap items can negatively impact the ROI because recipients will throw them without using. Your dollars get wasted and you even conveyed a wrong brand message.

Before ruining your brand visit to choose an ideal promo product that can boost brand awareness. When you choose a promotional item to keep the three factors in mind –

  1. Usefulness
  2. Durability or strength or staying power
  3. Number of impressions

These factors in mind will help you choose a promo item that resonates with receivers.

Interesting promotional products consumers talk about

Promotional drinkware

More than 50% of US consumers have a kind of promotional drinkware like ceramic mugs, water bottles, glassware, etc. Undoubtedly, you cannot ignore the factor repeated impressions and endurance!

Customized eco-friendly totes

Promo totes are a predominant marketing tool, especially at trade fairs. Promo totes are useful to the consumers! Statistics reveal that more than 50% of Consumers in the US own promotional reusable shopping bags. So, the impressions generated are awesome because they are often used for carrying groceries or purchases.

Log writing instruments

Every business benefits from using promo writing tools because of their unbeatable cost and high-staying power per impression. Make sure to order premium quality useful products because the promo items chosen will represent your brand.

Customized desk accessories

Promo desk accessories create a feel of brand harmony within an office environment. Brand your employee’s workspace with promo desk accessories like notepads, calendars, and pens. When given out as gifts it leaves a repeated impression and strong brand recognition amongst your consumers.

Promo USB drives

The trend for the promotional item is the one that is exemplified as ‘Useful and functional’. USB drives are available in a variety of styles. You can have them customized concerning sizes, materials, and colors.

Health promo items

Healthy products give brands credibility amongst consumers as a business that values health. Promo health items are designed specifically for the healthcare sector like doctor’s office or dental practices.

For example, a medicine bottle opener can be a great item for pharmacies to gift. Mini pill cutter with your business logo is practical giveaways at a hospital or doctor’s clinic. Customized dental kit, first-aid kit, hot/cold pack, hand sanitizer, 7-day pill case, etc. are great giveaways in the healthcare industry.

Everyone adores a freebie, especially usable ones. An ill-fitting promo T-shirt will lie in the drawer. Offering the above items can offer your business maximum visibility and credibility.

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