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How Much is an Electric Lawn Mower

You may be looking for a durable piece of equipment that cuts the grass on your lawn. If your gas lawn mower breaks, the right decision will be not to waste your time and money on it. Although you replace the spark plug and air filter, we cannot assure you that you can avoid problems in the future.

In this regard, an electric lawn mower is the better choice than a gas-powered one. You can easily avoid the hassles of the gas engines, such as filling the gas, pulling the cord, changing the spark plug, adjusting the choke to start, etc.

If you choose the best electric riding lawn mower, you can save a lot of money. To be clear in calculations, let’s look at the total cost of ownership for gas and electric mowers to see whether switching to electric mower is beneficial or not.

How Much an Electric Lawn Mower Costs

As an initial purchase, an electric lawn mower costs less than a hundred dollars or over a thousand dollars, whether it’s corded or cordless. It entirely depends on you which one you’re going to purchase for your beautiful lawn.

Operating Costs

The main cost to operate a push mower is fuel, either an average of 2.30 dollars per gallon for gas or around 11 cents per kilowatt-hour for electricity.

The operating costs might be:

  • Gas push mower: 1.5 dollars per half-acre
  • Corded electric push mower: 0.5 dollars per half-acre
  • Cordless electric push mower: 0.1 dollars per half-acre

If you mow your half-acre yard 16 times per year, the annual cost will be:

  • Gas push mower: 24 dollars
  • Corded electric push mower: 8 dollars
  • Cordless electric push mower: 1.6 dollars

Now, let’s calculate the costs of 10 years. 

  • Gas push mower: 240 dollars
  • Corded electric push mower: 80 dollars
  • Cordless electric push mower: 16 dollars

Maintenance Costs

The batteries of your cordless lawn mower don’t last forever. After the first five years, you may require to replace your rechargeable batteries. Over the next five years, we assume that you may need 75 dollars.

In terms of maintenance costs, a gas mower needs less than an electric lawnmower. If you replace the spark plug and air filter and change the oil once per year, your gas mower may cost 15 dollars.

You may need to sharpen and replace the blade of your mower periodically. It may cost 10 dollars per year on average.

Total Cost of Ownership (For 10 Years)

Now, we’re going to provide you an estimate of the total cost of ownership of a lawnmower for the first 10 years (without initial purchase).

Gas Push Mower

240 (gas) + 150 (engine maintenance) + 100 (blade sharpening/replacement) = 490 dollars

Corded Electric Push Mower

80 (electricity) + 100 (blade sharpening/replacement) = 180 dollars

Cordless Electric Push Mower

16 (electricity) + 75 (battery replacement) + 100 (blade sharpening/replacement) = 191 dollars


Choosing an electric lawnmower is a better option because it can save a significant amount of gasoline and routine maintenance each year. Purchase an excellent electric lawnmower and enjoy working in your yard.

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